Coaching gives you something money can't buy — time.

What type of coaching is right for you?

Emerging Leaders

You've been getting more and more responsibility, with the expectations also rising. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Our leadership coaching program allows you to take a step back and — breathe. We help you take stock of where you're at and where you want to go, and show you ways to best manage your new responsibilities and the expectations that come with them.

Experienced Leaders

As a recognized leader in your organization, you are expected to have all the answers and handle the tough situations. But times are changing and what worked in the past may not work today.

Utilizing the latest research and proven behavioral strategies, our executive coaching program helps you build your leadership skills, develop your team and individual competencies, and deliver organizational effectiveness.

Professionals in Transition

You're preparing for a big change — a new role, a new career, a new country — and may feel some uncertainty about this new phase in your life.

Our transition coaching program is designed to help you make a seamless transition with a 90-180 days coaching plan.

Mizerak Coaching Approach

When it comes to coaching, we believe that the possibilities of combining action and reflection are enormous. Our goal is to support leaders as they bring their actions to life.

Our approach involves developing a deep understanding of you — your life stories, your underlying style, and your deeply held values — within a short period. Armed with this knowledge, we then begin to help you think about your professional life in new and different ways. 

We support your development through experiential learning, using proprietary exercises and processes. We also often evaluate individualized metrics through a number of assessments to help you tap into your unique potential. Our process is empowering and energizing; you will begin to find clarity and take positive action in your professional life.

You can expect every Mizerak Executive Coaching program to be:

  • Future-Focused: looking at your goals and developing a plan to achieve them
  • Performance-Focused: setting measurable success metrics that we track against
  • Accountable: you make all the final decisions and are accountable for them
  • Customized: your coaching program is customized based on what it is you are looking to achieve

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