Leadership Retreats


High-performance leadership teams are the heart of successful organizations; building cohesive leadership teams can be challenging due to the countless issues that leaders face: time pressures, egos, personalities differences, lack of alignment, communication issues, motivation, strategic priorities, etc. Leadership teams must commit to creating opportunities to continually develop their capabilities, address important issues, and discover ways to ensure these challenges do not impede progress. Each retreat is tailored to address the critical business issues and unique team dynamics.

Although every retreat is unique, Mizerak Coaching’s leadership team retreats often cover topics like the following:

  • Organizational strategy
  • Team strategy
  • Team Engagement
  • Leadership-skill development
  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Organizational transformation and change
  • Talent management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Newly formed team building
  • Alignment across functions
  • M&A integration 
  • Celebrations

Retreat Process

Planning for a Successful Retreat - Food for Thought...

Retreat Purpose

  • What is the purpose for the retreat? 
  • What are the intended/expected outcomes?
  • What does success look like?

Select a Retreat Runner

  • Who is the person pulling the whole thing togehter.  
  • Will you use an employee of your firm or would you like to work with one of our meeting concierge team member?

Develop Budget for Retreat

  • Budgets can run from$2K to over $500K depending upon facilitators, location, number of attendees, food, activities, etc.

Select Retreat Facilitator(s)

  • Will you need 1, 2, or more facilitators?

Choose Retreat Site(s)

  • Retreats should typically be held offsite (when budgets allow) - it is too easy to get pulled back in to the operations if held onsite.
  • Will it be held at a hotel or meeting venue?
  • Local or out-of-town? In-country or out-of-country?
  • What amenities are required? Near shopping or Golf? Near attractions or in the mountains for solitude?


  • Clarity around who is attending and Why?- Ensures the correct people are in attendance.


  • What type of accommodations are required?  
  • Will spouses & significant others be in attendance?

Create an Agenda

  • Create activities for the meeting  that support your intended purpose. 

Communication of Expectations

  • You will want a communications plan with relevant contact info.

Execution of the Event

  • Who is the key point person on-site prior, during and after the event

Accountability Planning

  • What does after-retreat accountability look like?

Post-Retreat Evaluation

  • Post-retreat evaluations are invaluable for future planning.

& More

Mizerak Executive Coaching will with work you and your designee to plan out the details of your retreat that may be overlooked with our time-proven Retreat Checklist that we use with MEC Clients for their Empowerful Retreats.

Planning for a successful leadership retreat

Planning for a successful leadership retreat