Presentation & Messaging Coaching

Do you want to: Connect with your audience? Make an impression? Speak with presence? Improve delivery?

We work one-to-one with clients across the US using video conference tools that allow for real time conversation, planning, and practice.  

Do you want to:

  • have a discussion about an upcoming presentation
  • work on the structure and format of your presentation
  • create an impactful message
  • understand your audience
  • practice and hone your personal delivery style
  • review your posture and movement
  • work on vocal delivery
  • develop clear simple visuals
  • open and close your presentation with impact 
  • build confidence in speaking

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Whether the audience is one client, a small group or a packed auditorium, you’ll build on your current skills to create a presentation delivered with precision. 

You’ll learn to:

  • prepare a message your audience craves
  • use your voice to convey a message
  • communicate with voice and images