You are the one they* turn to.

*your clients, your team, your organization 

You are an experienced leader.

You are established in your organization and are the (or one of the) key go-to people to lead major strategic initiatives, drive the direction of the company, and be the face and voice of the organization, whether internally or externally. You have the responsibility of guiding and moving your team and organization forward.

What if I'm not the CEO…

What matters is that you are seen as a leader within your organization and that your responsibilities reflect that.

You deal with mountains — not molehills.

On top of the everyday business challenges you face, you have to think about and maneuver things like:

  • gaining team and organizational buy-in to succeed in the execution of your strategies
  • managing change to ensure no one is left behind
  • becoming more effective in your decision-making, balancing current needs and future goals
  • establishing trust through communications and actions
  • achieving balance — both personal- and work-life balance, as well and balancing the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • building, developing, and engaging your team, ensuring cooperation and cohesion

How our Executive Coaching Program can help

Through our Executive Coaching Program, we guide you through complex issues and help you establish clearly defined and straightforward initiatives.

Self-awareness is the first step of any coaching program. We do a full assessment of where you are currently — your soft skills, leadership skills, time management, and priorities — and identify areas which will have the biggest impact on you and your performance. This may mean creating a toolkit for your less developed skills, or honing and refining your more advanced skills.

Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Influence Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Leadership Team & Board Presentation Development
  • Strategy Development & Alignment
  • Culture Development
  • Team Development 

Remember: if you're not growing, you're standing still.

There’s always room to improve. No matter how much you've accomplished.

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Emerging Leaders

You've been getting more and more responsibility, with the expectations also rising. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Our leadership coaching program allows you to take a step back and — breathe. We help you take stock of where you're at and where you want to go, and show you ways to best manage your new responsibilities and the expectations that come with them.

Professionals in Transition

You're preparing for a big change — a new role, a new career, a new country — and may feel some uncertainty about this new phase in your life.

Our transition coaching program is designed to help you make a seamless transition with a 90-180 days coaching plan.