Empowerful Journals - trigger Thought & Action!

Empowerful Leadership Journal


Individual Leaders

Leaders will find different ways to use their journal; maybe they will think and write about actions taken or opportunities missed.

When might you use the journal? One leader may decide to answer a single question each day, another may be to answer all 7 questions each day, and a third leader may decide to  answer it every Sunday in preparation for their upcoming work week.

You choice - your leadership path.

Team of Leaders

We are all leaders in our own right and we have the opportunity to lead others inside and outside of our functional, project or in-tact teams.

Each week the team chooses one topic to discuss.

Hold open honest discussions with like-minded individuals in a safe environment - have a lively discussion about actions taken or opportunities missed. 

Empowerful Career Journal


Empowerful Career

The Empowerful Career Journal helps individuals understand where they are now and think about where they want to go in their career.

Once you have formulated a plan - let the career actions begin.

Be sure to document your successes along the way.

Develop your Team

Help your team develop their career aspirations.

An engaged and developed team is likely a loyal team; 

an imperative in today's talent wars!

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